O LORD, how manifold are thy works! in wisdom hast thou made them all: the earth is full of thy riches. Psalm 104:24

Welcome to Ultimate Living Medical Clinic

I am Dr. William R. Work and this is Ultimate Living Medical Clinic. This is a unique medical clinic in the San Joaquin Valley that requires some explaining so please read the following. Also please explore the rest of my website and read up on what my thoughts are here at Ultimate Living Medical Clinic.

Since you are already familiar with “normal” medical practices, I will tell you first what this clinic is not. This office is not a practice that makes you wait an hour after your scheduled appointment to then see the doctor or his nurse practitioner/physician assistant for all of five minutes, hoping that you can get your medical complaints addressed appropriately. This office is not a “gatekeeper” practice that refers you out to a specialist the moment you have a problem that cannot be fixed in two minutes. This office is not a practice that has strangers on call for the practice and is expected to care for you adequately on weekends. And this office is not a practice that makes you feel rushed.

Family Practice

Ultimately, Family Practice medicine is the central core of all medicine that is practiced. While we all need our specialists when we have specific dysfunctions, it all starts with the initial symptoms that send you to your Family Practitioner who then is able to ascertain what the problem is and refer you to the appropriate specialist, if needed. However, the better family practitioners prefer to treat most problems in their office whenever possible. That is the philosophy in this office.

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